The daydream

tumblr_mqrmmdVnSo1r7xatro1_500Catherine Deneuve in Les parapluies de Cherbourg (Jacques Demy, 1964)
Have you ever caught yourself in a daydream? Read more to see how mine looked like..
The daydream
I’ve always been a bit of new beauty products freak, from charcoal masks to sea scrubs and a touch of cocoa butter at the end to smooth it all out.
Shop the beauty here, here and here.
On the fashion side, since spring is just around the corner (although the weather says it otherwise) I went for some romantic pieces with a little bit of edge. Yea, yea, spring means floral, but not for me. So since I impressed you, I believe you can clap now. It is all about the powder shades.
Shop the fashion here, herehere and here.
Mind-wise speaking, meanwhile browsing net-a-porter this book  popped in my eye. The princess and the pea is my favorite children’s story since I was just a little girl and Hans C. A. is a great story-teller.
P.S. : I am well aware you had your 29k+ prepared budget to go wild on Mod’a ‘Operandi. 

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