The weekend to-do list

Habemus fin de semana. I love weekends and since I joined the working class I appreciate them even more. There’s something about the idea of staying inert for two whole days that just fills my heart with joy. Since I know some people are so amazing that their energy lasts 365 days per year (bra-va, you’re the real deal if you’re thinking about clubbing Friday and Saturday night) here is a list of what to do during the weekends and of course what to do it in.
 The weekend to-do list
I am a fan of people who put thought in what they wear and yet look so effortlessly. I L O VE T H E M. I mean I cannot talk properly when I see someone in 12 inch sandals and make-up I could cover up flaws from 3 models from the Versace show (soon in MFW fyi), I just want to give them a chair and a wet wipe. So for  that whole chic-sans-effort-je-m’en-fous-you-can-still-touch-me kind of look I was going for no make up (spf still needed) thanks to these sunnies, ballet flatsDKNY capeno-wire brasuper chic Givenchy pandora bag all topped with this classy lbd with a twist.
To-do lists are the best, especially if they’re the good stuff, the kind that does not involve working on any level. I am going to post to-do lists more often.
Now if you’ll excuse me while I don’t change into my sweatpants and I don’t put another episode of Will and Grace. Sneezes repeatedly.
Happy happy weekend!

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