The editorial | Paradise City

The fondness, love and mainly my obsession for Los Angeles draw me to utter love this editorial. It is in the March 2014 VOGUE UK issue and starring the two nymphs called Georgia May Jagger and Charlotte Free. They glitz and glitter all the way down to Sunset Boulevard, to photo booths and ending with this always breathtaking view of Hollywood Hills.
Photographer : Tyrone Lebon
Stylist : Francesca Burns

 georgia-may-jagger-by-tyrone-lebon-vogue-uk-march-2014-782x1024 Georgia-May-Jagger-Charlotte-Free-by-Tyrone-Lebon-for-Vogue-UK-March-2014-7

Georgia May Jagger & Charlotte Free by Tyrone Lebon (Paradise City - UK Vogue March 2014)

 Georgia-May-Jagger-Charlotte-Free-by-Tyrone-Lebon-Vogue-UK-March-2014-3 Georgia-May-Jagger-Charlotte-Free-by-Tyrone-Lebon-Vogue-UK-March-2014-4





This is the movie and you definitely want to check it out, especially because the music is awkwardly appropriate to the scenery.

Goodbye city of angels!


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