The rain dress-up

Fashion and weather are co-dependent. If you try to defy it you’ll either get sick or get messy and instead of looking like a dressed-up woman you’ll end up looking like a distressed, poured goose.

The rain dress-up
Maison Michel rain hood is the No.1 buddy when it comes to keeping your hair safe. A cab helps with that too. Tall strappy Chloe sandals, the Fall/Winter Marc Jacobs bag which you can pre-order on my beloved M’oda ‘Operandi. When it comes to make-up try to keep it simple, light, not to heavy, I’d rather suggest a colored lipstick if you’re into color rather than a dark eye. Oh and keep close your waterproof mascara if it’s raining!
Things you can do: 1.Ask the hotel to call a cab so you don’t have to wait 30 minutes outside for a vehicle (or call your driver) 2. Take the biggest umbrella you can find or a cape and walk
3. Retreat for a snack or coffee 4. Abort mission in case you get frostbitten or the tornado just isn’t your thing. 5. Feel the rain on your way back!
              Keep your style and fashions appropriate. -A.

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  1. Oh my god. I love that Balmain jumpsuit. I need it. Great inspirational board.



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