The bag continuum vortex

Bags. A bare necessity to life. I mean can you imagine people carrying around stuff in papers? Or buckets? Okay buckets, plastic bags, sheets on a stick, do-able, but if you want to look like you didn’t come out from the sewer of 5th and 57th you need a bag.
This mandatory item is tricky though, it can either make or break an outfit so choosing the right color, size and style can be quite difficult.
The bag continuum vortex
There are two Birkin bags in this post you noticed. Yes, my immense love for the Birkin bag is almost as big as the one for tea. How lucky was Jane? Besides acting, singing and existing, she must have done something really impressive.
It is the most practical thing and if you get it on beige or black you’ll be able to wear it all day errday.. There are no Hermes Kelly in this post, but goodness gracious Grace Kelly was marvelous too.
Tips 1.You don’t have to match your bag with the shoes by color 2.Don’t take a huge bag for parties, dinner dates or any other social activity that doesn’t require carrying all those things around 3.You don’t need 3 pairs of sunglasses and that 4th lip gloss 4.Keep your bag tidy and don’t turn it into a black hole that swallows your hand every time you look for your wallet 5.A simple black leather medium-sized bag will basically be your little black dress when it comes to accessories.

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