The spring awakening

Welcome mild heat! Spring has sprung! We missed you terribly and we wish you’d never leave us.
 My mood board inspiration for this weekend is comfy, classy, healthy. Check it out..The spring awakening
White is pure, white is fresh, I find this non color a very happy one, optimistic and yet artistic because it allows you to draw anything you want on the white canvas.
How to have a happy spring:
1. Wear white, lots of. Acne Studios dress, Birkenstocks and Saint Laurent monochrome bag.
2. Details of silver and gold are more than welcomed in an all white outfit and there are no issues in combining them especially on a more pale skin. Sarah and Chloe bangles here. 
3. Drink plenty of water, VOSS here.
4. I love natural vitamins and minerals, I am currently obsessed with coconut water, aloe vera juice and green tea.
5. Go biking in the park and enjoy. Martone Cycling bicycles here.
6. Byredo perfumes are absolutely magical, I chose LA TULIPE because I love tulips that much and this particular one has the most amazing ingredients.
7. The spring brain defrost calls for an agenda, a Coach black one like here. Make sure to write every thought or idea because you do know that thoughts become things right?
8. SPF, SPF, SPF! Even though you like sun rays bathing on your face you still want to look your age when you’re 30, so you basically have to protect it with a great 30+SPF, Chanel SPF 50 here. Wear sunnies as well, your eyes are very sensitive, saves the day with this pair of Dries Van Noten round sunglasses.

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  1. Love the inspirational board. Oooh.. I want that bike you have posted on there. So cute! Hope you could check out my blog. I’m giving my readers 20% off their purchase from Otaki Clothing.



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