The Valley of sins and sinners


The haze around this fabulously known festival. The moon man heard of Coachella. You’ll see.

If you haven’t heard of this you should probably kill the close button on the browser and never look back, besides the fact that you’re happier in life not knowing about this, we’re also on two different vibes and this is not going to work out.
Still, if you dared to continue and read some more, you are about to be unhappy. Reason numero uno : the location Californiaaaa (Red Hot Chili Peppers are singing in my head right now), numero dos : the line-up up..THE LINE-UP DEAR PEOPLE IS INCREDIBLE AND JUST THINKING ABOUT IT I HAVE GOOSE BUMPS HEAD TO TOE (Click for proof >> The reasons could partying with the Hollywood’s and world’s crème de la crème in matters of young actors, models, singers, bloggers..
If I didn’t ruin your day already, here’s the part that is going to blow it : the style of the whole festival is somewhere in between “Hello,my grandfather went to Woodstock and I have this from him kind of items.”, “Halloween is not enough for me so I need two weekends to dress like a complete hipster for Coachella” and “So fetch, flat tummy and see through!”
This is my edit for a more accurate description of the whole Coachella vibe:
The Valley of sins and sinners



But he can’t go, because he lives on the moon.


Kisses, A.

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