The good ol’ Throwback Thursday

I love photography! Not only because my affective memory is flawless and always very alert, but you also forget certain things and behind every photo there is a story, a day, a moment, a laughter, a taste, a connection.


                              This artwork was made by me after watching “Her”(click to reblog on tumblr)                                                  

I love taking trips down memory lane and smiling and nodding about different pictures, situations, people and so on.

This Thursday my #tbt mood went bonkers and posted several pictures and I though sharing them with you.


This is in the Danube Delta, the second largest in Europe, with Maria,

having a little selfie in the mirror before hitting the swimming pool last year somewhere in June.


Our super cozy room in the Danube, from the complex Green Village.


This is a great one, is the Exposition at Somerset House in London, UK on “Tim Walker: A Story Teller”.

It dates from October 2012


Channeling my inner Olsen twin way back in the very blonde days wearing all black everything velour probably,

plus no idea when this was taken.


The first time I met this dude, a while back!


Eye filming at Media Pro Studios for a commercial I was starring(literally) in. Can you spot my eye?

Looks very alienish! It dates from last spring.


Sharing thoughts/instagrams with this lovely lady on graduation day last summer! Happy happy.


NEVER HIDE and island life. Throwback Thursday back to Malta in 2011, as blonde and as tanned I can be.

I hope you enjoyed and to keep up with my daily Instagram posts follow me on @badalexa.

Almost TGIF!


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