The shiny object syndrome



How many of you went out to shop for two items and came back with a cab because the overload of “groceries” was impossible to carry a few blocks? How many went out to buy a simple white tee and ended up either craving/trying/buying all the items from the new collection? How many of you have ideas that either get lost on the way because new ideas arise or they just forget about it because they found this awesome website/series/person they browse/watch/see all the time and who has time for implementing ideas?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, you are a proud member of The Shiny Object Syndrome Society Group, you and the rest of the young adults from the 21st century.

Why is this happening? The constant flow of information, our curiosity , our impossibility to separate ourselves from the knowledge we do not consider useful in our way to our goals and our merely lack of awareness on how this could blow up our lives.

The good news is there is a way to get rid of it!

The Style Side 5 steps to curing/living with S.O.S.

1. Think it through, make a mind map and think of what your goals and ideals are or what you want to do. If there are many things you want to do, that’s OK, build up a schedule and make sure you can squeeze them in without feeling overwhelmed by things to do. If there are more than 10 to 15 things it might be the cause of S.O.S. Be careful.

2. Set up your ideas, if they are good, don’t change them because of S.O.S., try adapting them, transforming them, make your idea your Phoenix. Every time you fail and it falls apart, burns down to the ground, it raises up from the ashes more alive as never and ready to try a different path.

3.Your net worth is equal to your network” . Be smart with your networks, either they’re social or personal.

4. Read in the field you’re interested in. Read, read, read until your eyes pop out!

5. Should have started with this one, but I think it’s better I left it last. The first step in curing S.O.S. is to know you are a part of it, if you’re ignorant, you’ll never get over it/yourself. Knowing and being conscious is the best thing one can do for itself. Free thinking!

No matter if you have an idea, a career to look forward to, a goal, an ideal you name it, the most important thing is to stay focused and have fun while doing it.

Now here come two days of fun and leisure because it is Friday! Enjoy your weekend and think yourself through. 

Love, A. 


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