The pecan pie


Coming from south-central North America these delicious nuts are on the top of my list, and I never say no to a pecan pie!

This food for gods is very popular around Thanksgiving and Christmas and in the US especially.

It has 2 main ingredients that I adore: maple syrup and of course pecan nuts. I browsed a few recipes:

1.Gluten-free pecan pie from finedininglovers and it has many organic and light ingredients used in this one,like coconut, go check it out. l_3036_vegan-gluten-free-pecan-pie

2.This one is from RecipeGirl so go read it and make it!

Caramel-Pecan-Cheesecake-Bars-RecipeGIrl3.German Chocolate Brownies is delish and it’s from cookingclassy


4.The american famous cronut, but this one is

Apple Pecan Pie Cronuts with Apple Cider Caramel Drizzle from halfbakenharvest.


And last, since summer is around the corner I present to you

5,Pecan Praline Ice Cream & Salty Honey Sauce from thesugarhit so make sure you hit them and make this recipe! Salty and sweet is such a perfect combination!


So after thinking of spending your whole life in the gym working out a piece of pie..I have some news,

they have protein, unsaturated fats, omega-6 fatty acids and being antioxidant they reduce “bad” cholesterol. Not so bad after all huh? Something to think about while doing your Pilates haha.

Dig in and share my passion for pecan pie!


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