The zen way


Dealing with stress, stressful situations, stressing people. Enough is enough. Zen is the way.

The Style Side’s zen way in 5 simple steps:

1. Get rid of bad habits, bad people, bad energy.

Not for nothing they say that bad habits die hard. Well they don’t! The simplest and most amazing thing to do for your brain if you’re stuck on bad thing in your life or something that is causing that chest pressing anxiety is to write down pro’s and con’s. Yes way.

2. Instead of stressing it out start sweating it out.

Sports are a great way to deal with stress. Yin and Yang, as in you can either go for things like boxing or body combat, the yin, or my real zen starter like yoga, the yang.

3. Mens sana in corpore sano.

Or a sound mind in a healthy body. Eating right does influence your state of mind,indulging all day in those cronuts will not make you feel good(long term speaking, I know they’re damn good). Try eating light, clean, green. I am currently trying out the alkaline way of eating, that doesn’t mean cutting out everything acid, but a big part of my diet is alkaline.

4. Smile, even if you don’t feel like. Thank me later.

Do it now! There is a certain reaction to your brain when you smile, since you do it only when you’re happy, your brain releases endorphins and you instantly feel good. Or try watching a late night show, I love Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman, but I’m also a big sitcoms fan (there are other sitcoms besides How I met your mother ok?).

5. Drink tea.

This one is my personal favorite and I could never do without a cuppa. All day ‘err day. Herbs in hot water basically, but so delicious! I recently read about peppermint tea, the most de-stressful herb there is. This caffeine free herb with its rich minty taste combined with other de-stressing mouth-watering plants like licorice and chamomile will turn your ney into yey.

If you’re into tea, I recommend De-stress mi beauty tea from MIYU BEAUTY. Find it here.


Share your de-stressing key activity in the comment section below.Are you zen already?

#happyweekend #smilemore


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