The thing is sexy is an attitude

You know what I am talking about. Sexy clothes are just an accessory to you, clothes are usually an accessory to someone, but many people don’t think it through when they want to pull of sexy! You just can’t fake it, because it will look desperate and cheap. One must own sexy.
Well, I have a name in mind when I think about seductive, intriguing and it is British and it is Kate Moss. Her newest collaboration with TOPSHOP is absolutely ravishing and makes you want to be all flowy and moving and shaking and winking. Who does that? I don’t know, but it makes you do it. So wink it, own it, feel it and remember sexy is an attitude! *extremely flirtatious wink*
Sexy is an attitudeKM-slideshow-Image_5_v2 (1)
  KM-slideshow-Image_8_v2 (1)



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  1. You don’t know how much I love her ♥


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