The muse: Audrey Hepburn

Happy birthday to Audrey Hepburn! 85 years of this marvelous creature that we cannot contain ourselves from loving.
Audrey is the type of person that you just looked at and knew she was good, knew she had something great to say. The looks, the thoughts, the poise she was surrounded with made her on of Hollywood’s icons and one of my favorite muses.
Of course I feel in love with her at first for seeing Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but she is much more than a girl who gets 50 bucks for powdering her nose and who enjoys eating croissants and having coffee while gazing at diamonds first thing in the morning. (very refreshing thing to do by the way)
When talking about style, she was a luxurious classic. I wanted to go for the little black dress, a classic for a classic, but then I saw this Prabal Gurung satin gown and I knew it had Audrey printed all over.
I hope one day I could be not like Audrey, but have some of her traits, some of her grace, the patience and the wisdom and the power to search for good both in people and in the world.
Thank you Audrey!
Muse of the day: Audrey Hepburn
Color-block satin gown with a flattering sweetheart neckline, waist-defining mint sash and a fluid silk-chiffon back hem from Prabal Gurung here.
Have a lovely Sunday!

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