The obsession

On today’s menu we have flowers, women and double exposures. Morning flash news, I get some of my inspiration from photography and music I am always on the look for the new, the bold, the quirky, the romantic, the *insert state here*. Obsession sounds very cruel and dramatic, but it is the word for it, another way to call would be the ceaseless hunt for universal inspiration.

I hate it when a beautiful photo gets overlooked and sharing it makes me feel like I’ve done a good deed for the day. I think that is why I started my tumblr, whimered . Short story on the name of my tumblr, I wanted a home for my whims, for my capricious ideas and fancies, a place with unwritten rules, but with principles and concepts that would define the intrinsic values of what whimered is.

The video I shared is part of my daily inspiration hunt, separate from what I am going to show you next.

On that double exposure..

it is Serie Absinthium by Lara Kiosses



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