The non-basic publication


I’m telling you, the only thing you want basic is your pH level.

The Style Side’s guide on how to not be basic:

1. First and foremost important rule is to

 be yourself, everyone else is taken.

To copy something and make it your own is the lowest form of self-expression, to take what you have measured your life with so far and reinterpret it, put your own vision and feelings into it is the most exquisite pleasure one can create both for himself and for others. Long term speaking, putting some effort into being yourself pays off much more than just taking certain things for granted and drowning with the flow.

2. Don’t give up. You will utterly stink at what you’re doing at first, but don’t give up. Practice makes perfect or close to that. Babe Ruth says

 “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

3. Can you imagine how funny it would be if everyone knew how to do everything? Well that’s a Utopia. Nobody is born taught, maybe talented, but not taught.

 ‘Genius is 1talent and 99% percent hard work…’

The 1% talent would make the difference in a world where everybody would work at 200%.

4. Ask. Or google it. Basically it is okay not to know everything, but you can inform yourself, we are so lucky to have everything at the tip of our fingers. Ignorance is not bliss. Not always.

5. Lack of passion is fatal. 

This is my personal favorite. Of course being passionate about what you do is something very small compared to other traits one must have to succeed. What I like about passion it that if you do something really good, this feeling, that strong and barely controllable emotion is the spark you need to shine. Is like the cherry on top – now you see where I’m going with the passion is nothing unless you have everything else thing.

Let’s recap. Be yourself. Compare to no one, except to who you were yesterday. Stand up for something or else you’ll fall for anything. Work hard, play hard. Have that drive, that spark, that movement. I say learn to have a sense of what it is like to feel you’ve done the thing in accordance to yourself.

Maybe this will get you thinking through the weekend or just something to talk about while sipping on that honey dipped liquor.

Have a great, great weekend! #TGIF

Love, Alexandra.

P.S.: 5s become 5thousands. So much more to acknowledge.  Carry on now. 

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