The leather pleats


 Note to everybody, or to 10-year-old girls wearing a uniform: spinning in above-the-knee pleated skirts is not an option unless you have a flawless bum and something else rather than your granny panties on.

My favorite part about having pleated bottoms, since I can remember mostly, is being able to spin and spin and see the pleats turn flat only for a few seconds, but that’s just me. This black and white, silk, lace and leather combination was sported at the Digital Divas Gala this Tuesday. Great event with full of personality people! Check out here the nominees and winners. The vocabulary was definitely passion oriented, but work like there’s nothing else in this world wasn’t left out either. The word diva itself puts a lot of pressure on one’s shoulder, but a person having such a trait knows well how to take that pressure and own it (or pour it into the lap of assistants until further notice).

Photo credits: Raluca Dumitru

outfit digital divas

FRONT ROW SHOP pleated leather black skirtFRONT ROW SHOP pearl collarZARA silk blouseASOS caged laced braCOCCINELLE white leather bag(click for details)

Can’t wait for next year’s Digital Divas!



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