The Friday mindshag #1


I decided that every Friday The Style Side is giving you the opportunity to find the refreshment in something thoughtful and food for the mind over the weekend, a pressing issue or just a casual matter in the quotidien vie en rose.

Number one #1 topic is about the pressing issues themselves. How do you define the exact thing that you should see crucial? The answer is you don’t, it gets filtered in time and adjusts to your interest, personality and surroundings. Interests are important, ignorance is not always bliss and some thoughts matter. Give yourself a good mindshag by listening to Childish Gambino, reading Aristotle or Through the Looking Glass, watching All this, and Heaven too, looking through the pages of a magazine and trying to put yourself into the editors shoes or by analyzing a photo or just meet up with Suzie and Don and listening to what they have to say about perspectives and thoughts, a live mind exam with some friendly faces for you.

All I know is that in the end is about opinions, about solutions, about this and that, about truths. What’s your truth?




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