A jewelry collection signed Irina Moise or Pink Moss.

up Branch silver ring, gold plated

I gave it a lot of thought before sharing this designer, a little voice in the back of my head kept whispering “My precious” and with big eyes I watched the stones and the curves of the metal over and over again and there was not a thought of wanting for anyone else to see it. But there you have it, the exquisite Pink Moss Omnipresence, a collection I first saw at Autor 11 and it gained a place in my heart. Besides being so delicate and yet so powerful, the golden tones and the blue and grey shades form a symbiose and suddenly the world becomes small and at your fingers, literally.

superpower necklace quartz cluster gold plated

Superpower quartz necklace, gold-platedbreeze necklace calcite geode gold platedBreeze calcite geode necklace, gold-plated


Cosmoss silver azurite crystal ring, gold-plated

You will be able to see more of Irina’s work this weekend, 7 and 8th of June, at Galateca for This is not a JEWELRY Exhibition and 27 other contemporary jewelry designers. The theme was Rene Magritte’s Ceci n’est pas une pipe painting inspired, the symbol of modern art. See you there! Facebook event page




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