The Lane

5397ae1b8e633I promise I will not make this wedding post melodramatic.

The Lane is a website for a dream come true. Is about perfect moments, beautiful, happily just married bride and groom, that pure love moment. I am not following this website because I am that wedding obsessed female nervously looking through happy pictures and lamenting about how I will never find prince charming. I follow it because it is beautiful, it is pure, it is love. So is this particular wedding, never thought I’d say this, but I really love the idea of a golden (ok, maybe not necessarily sequined) wedding dress. The pictures are absolutely stunning and the story behind them definitely deserve an “awh”. If I were to write more thoughts about it, i would just ruin it, because the article in its essence is pure love. Read it here:


The bouquet and that dress are from another world together.


Live pure, live happily, live forever.



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