The Friday mindshag #2


If the week says Friday, I say mindshag! My second post on this chaotic theme called life issues and I’m ready to indulge in some food for thought. 

 “-I am so glad you escaped those nasty dogs!”

“-Did you cut them yourself? “

Oh, the critiques on ripped jeans! I pretty much always owned one, as a little kid I would accidentally rip them, as I grew I started cutting endless pairs of hot pants (sometimes way to much, but practice makes perfect) and now I can buy them toute suite. I am talking good quality rip, the kind that you don’t just chop off with a pair of scissors. As I tried and failed to find a logical explanation for such jeans I searched for a deeper value of this particular fashion. I am choosing to go for the tragicomic one, the answer to all the ripped jeans in the world is that a thing can still be perfect even when shattered. This is not an axiom, this is a theory and therefore can be debated,used in Reductio ad Absurdum or declared null. I like this explanation, it gives a more romantic vibe, it makes me love my distressed blue shaded processed cotton even more. Forever.





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