The Friday mindshag #4

tumblr_mers9ktwUQ1qev1moo1_500Paper is not dead.

Cellulose. That organic compound that got me all whiny about all the information and text going online. I love writing on a notebook, with an ink pencil and I do appreciate people who still practice such an extreme sport nowadays. Maybe the new generation, the 1-year-old kids pushing endlessly with their tiny fingers on those big glass screens will forget what paper is, but until then there’s me.  When is the last time you wrote a letter or sent a postcard, gave a business card or shaken a Polaroid? I love the paper feel, I’m never buying a Kindle and recycling would be nice. Also, I am thinking of creating a daily newspaper for the Bucharest citizens.

Actually, thinking of the current subject, there is Atelier Fabrik, a paper designing company and I recently proposed them for the second edition of a concept called Creative Encounters.  This event is supported by and Grolsch. Give it a look, maybe even a like if you support my cause HERE.

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