The Friday mindshag #5


The positive positive. Today is about mathematics. 

Bear with me for one second, in mathematics logic, a positive and a positive make a positive, a positive and a negative make a negative and two negatives make a positive. Well, sorry to let you down, but reality is not like that. If you add up negatives and positives or focus on the negatives, it will always be a downer. But why? But I have to look at the whole glass and analyse it and maybe drink some water so that the glass is more empty and I have what to complain about.. right!? This is what we sometimes tell ourselves. The real reason I’m writing this is because one thing I’ve seen applicable more and more nowadays

don’t worry about problems that don’t exist.

I see very nervous people who give me serious panic attacks and I immediately try to detach myself from such anger epitomes. LOOSEN UP PEOPLE! What is with all the complaining? The constant nausea that surrounds you? So much preciousness that makes me want to throw some paint on your face and call you art. Super mad art. Surreal.

I know it’s hard, I remember once I had a drinking game with this issue, the rule was no negative speaking nor complaining and it would get you rumbling nothings and getting you peached in no time. Next time you feel down, carve a heart in your sad little piece of watermelon or start jumping up and down and scream “Jump for joy”, no one can be serious whilst doing this..

Carpe zen diem. #tgif

Yours trully, always dramatic,



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