The freedom is in our hearts

securedownload (2)

A little side boob never hurt nobody.

There is this Free the Nipple campaign circulating the www and especially on our Instagram accounts, since celebrities like Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevingne, Michelle Rodriguez, Dree Hemingway and Lena Dunham are supporting and changing our thoughts on equality. More on Free the Nipple here www.freethenipple.comThis campaign is not about women all over starting flashing, it is about standing up for an idea and making a good point, because when you want to prove something, you turn to reductio ad absurdum and then it all makes sense. Here are some free the nipple samples I made:

securedownload (1) securedownload (3)

Check out the campaign video:

More movement:

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                                                     Bikini nipple top here. Heart definition from Tttattoo here.


What are your thoughts on Free the Nipple?


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