The 2014 guide to SALES



The Style Side guide on how to shop during sales. 

It is a fact to say that every person alive bought something on sale, the question is was it because it was cheaper or was it an investment. This is the guide on how not to shop like a Sex and the City character and how to actually make the most of sales:

Buy it if you will wear it a year from now.

Buy it if you have been obsessing over the piece for more than 2 years.

Buy it if you have the approval of 3 good friends.

Buy it if it matches at least 4 pieces form your wardrobe.

Buy it if it’s a classic piece.

Buy it if it’s activewear, one can never have too much of that.

Buy it if it’s black.

Buy it if it’s casual jewelry.

Don’t buy it if you saw it on the cover of some random gossip magazine.

Don’t buy it if it’s yellow. Or pink

Don’t buy it if it’s even one size bigger. Planning on getting fat? Eek!

Don’t buy it if you don’t fit in it (and think of it as an investment for later when you’ll lose weight, it won’t be).

Don’t buy it just because it is very cheap.

Don’t buy it if it costs more than your actual summer holiday.

Don’t buy it if the person in the shop is wearing it already.

Don’t buy it if everyone else is already wearing it.

Safe shopping! Don’t drink and shop. 



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  1. great advice, specially dont buy if you dont need it nd mostly dont buy if its not flattering at all!



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