Top 10 summer tips to live by


(up David Hauserman photography via Ben Trovato)

Summertime and the living is easy, as the song would say.

Vacation is easy, but not really, if you want to sit around like a wounded vegetable, then you’re good, but if you want to have a cheerful time, enjoy and have a relaxing experience overall then you should start taking notes. Here are some tips and tricks for your summer vacation:

1. Go to some place new or somewhere you haven’t been in a while and really liked. You may love Barcelona, Spain and Disneyland is the place for fun, but the waves in Porto, Portugal are ready for you to surf them.

2. Plan a road trip. In case you’re in it to win it, planning a car ride to your favorite destination is a must. Make your friends join and plan your itinerary in detail (places to eat, sleep, visit), this way you can see much more and have loads of fun listening to your favorite summer tracks (travel mix tape is implied, a little Chromeo, a little Pharrell, make it fun and loud).

3. Check the weather before going to a new place. All those tank tops, wedge suede sandals and kimonos won’t work if you get 4/7 rainy days.

4. Keep a notebook close and note your gems down. My favorite tip.

5. If it doesn’t smell/look/feel good don’t eat it! Are you visiting the nearby places or did you just took a long walk on the beach and feel like you’re starving? That corn dog may not be your favorite thing right after you eat it, so don’t, the heat makes all the foods go bad quicker and you may end up feeling sick.

6. Don’t over-do it with the tanning sessions. I know I’ve been through this one many times. If you want a head-ache and fever free vacation, stay out of the sun between 12-4PM. A scarf, a straw fedora hat, sun-screen and liquids are your best buds at 30 degrees plus.

7. Pack accordingly. If you’re going to Saint Tropez, those four pairs of high heels are justified, but if you’re visiting Bali you may want to reconsider your luggage items. Packing location-based is the best way to travel light and still have some room for local shopping. I love going to vintage shops and flea markets or just buy local things and souvenirs for friends and family.

8. Get a dictionary. And a map. I love this cultural side of going to a new place, the part where learning a few words may get you in the right secret restaurant or on top of a hill with the most exquisite sunset view. If you’re more technical, you can get Google Translate application directly on your smart phone. Same goes for Google Maps.

9. Do a ground check before going to the location. You can find so many touristy places you can go to just by doing a background check on the city.

10. Say cheese! “So one guy walks into a bar and tells everybody how he found this amazing place on the island he went to, with a waterfall with hot water and at one point someone asks: Do you have pictures?” Get it? Good.



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