The Friday mindshag #8


Too busy doing nothing.

Being busy is a state of mind really. You can be too busy swimming, too busy laying in bed day dreaming, too busy cropping to perfection your latest is a matter of perception. And by busy I mean no time and by no time I mean I don’t really want to. Where do you cross the line between I don’t want to, I don’t feel like and I am actually doing something else. I tend to get a hang of it, but it is a really thin cross point between the concepts.

As you get older, your traits become more contrasted, more defining, amplified I could say, so simply putting it, if you’ve always been a little bitch, you’re going to be a major bitch, unless you do something about it. Getting to know one self is a truly deep experience and it is a trait of some people, because not many can analyse what they’re working with. This was like a presentation for what am I going to present to you. It is my favorite thing to do, the utter utile thing everyone should learn to master: multitasking.

You will be amazed on how many things you can do if you put your mind to it. A catapult to the alien world, to a far land where unicorns serve you ice cream kind of world. Of course,if you have a huge project per se, you should definitely focus on it, with no futile distractions, but still, that project has a Christmas list of tasks, so you see where I’m getting at..

This weekend I’m going to attend a Fashion Design course, among other workshops and it is going to be on the Black Sea Coast and I plan on: having fun, learning, sharing, swimming, Aperoling (had to), own it.




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  1. I agree, there’s a thin line between the three concepts for me as well! Such beautiful words & tunes. Wishing you well this summer! & P.S. I M U S T have that chic towel! ;D

    ♥ | | xoxo


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