Top 10 things to do with mid-summer boredom


(up Jaq by Piotr Debski via C-Heads)

Escargot, Dom Perignon, boring!

City bound in mid-summer? The heat, the emptiness of the city and everything in between is utterly boring. Ten things to do when you’re summer bored:

1. Go to the pool! To the lake, wakeboarding, swimming, skinny dipping, whatever.

2. Find a cool place where you can enjoy a nice lunch and they have a great wine (I recently had Chateau Minuty and it is marvelous)/Sangria/Aperol. That’s suppose to cool you down.

3. Be a tourist in your own city. Getting to know your city can be as good as travelling sometimes, you can discover new places, even make some new favorite ones. Ka-ching!

4. Take on the national/local library. Read that something you’ve been wanting to for ages. Passing by your favorite coffee shop on the way for a gluten-free muffin and a soy latte will enhance the reading experience. Knowledge is power.

5. Take the City Tour Bus with your friends and enjoy the ride!

6. Going to the amusement park is always fun!

7. There’s always a gallery opening, some new exhibition, a flea market. Sharing boredom is not boredom.

8. Organize. Organize. I admit, I’m a bit of a hoarder so every time my things tend to overwhelm me I sort them and take the items I don’t really need out. I always leave stuff behind so this is a never-ending cycle…I sometimes fantasize about hitting the refresh button on the things I own.

9. Pamper yourself. A day at the spa or just getting a mani-pedi can make your day brighter and less of a downer.

10. Go to a yoga class in the afternoon. The yoga experience is irreplaceable, hit the class, focus, go to the sauna, take a cold shower and walk home! The air will seem so chill and it is my favorite thing to do when I’m stressed out. Don’t forget to breathe. Namaste!

No one likes a Debbie Downer so cheer up, do whatever, I hope my post got you inspired :p.




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