Into the future


 (up Baldovino Barani 3D photography)

A retrospection of the fashion industry now and a vision of the future.

Yesterday I watched the video below and it put the premises that something really big is going to happen in the near future. I’m not talking one fashion season, but a few dozen years, so here is my mad view of it.

The fashion world has moved in a percentage of 30%ish online (and constantly growing) , yesterday I watched the Burberry show from Somerset House live and I was feeling like hi5-ing Cara and Kate and all the coverage that you can get nowadays is enchanting. Of course, first hand experience is still the basic knowledge for pretty much everything, but still, I’m making a point here. Secondly, look at the online shopping era, everyone is shopping online, sharing and tagging items everywhere. There are websites like Fashiolista and Polyvore that dedicate their entire business structure on the sole purpose of delivering items. New items, more items. What is this building for the average consumer? The knowledge for judging a product online and knowing that it will fit based on the cuts, fabric, sizes and so on. The average consumer is not scared anymore she/he’s not going to fit in that super slim pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans. Plus, the upside of bloggers trying on the stuff for you makes the job even more easier, I mean they pose themselves from every angle so there’s nothing left out. Ok. Now, considering all of the above, think of a world where you pick things online, you get them on a hard drive and then the body tracking and projection mapping technique dresses you up. Imagine a world with no delivery borders, cost of making completely changed, immediate wearability, you’d have a closet full of skin-like jumpsuits to wear on every morning and you’re good to go. The Jetsons way of dressing up.

I’ll probably get over this when a whole industry that is based on the things that would disappear if this would happen will probably tell me it is never going to happen. Or is it? To get a clearer view of what I’m saying watch the video and leave comments in the section below:


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