The 6 future living trends


Forecasting future trends

Seeing all the trends in technology and future forecasts on new ways of living made me do a short list of things that could help us live smarter and happier:

1. I am going to start with this because of my blog’s implication on the fashion matters. A The Jetsons inspired closet, get in the vortex of your walk-in capsule, pick a mood, a color and the machine computes it with the weather conditions and time of the day and voila, you’ve got yourself an outfit in a matter of seconds. No more messy rooms and lost time. So goes for hair and make-up. (3D make-up is already here).

2. The shopping experience should be made entire online, but with a twist. Due to the new teleportation techniques, you can receive in real-time the desired piece, take a look at it, feel it and if you like it buy it. If you don’t, teleport it back! Adieu fees and waiting. Now fashion. Ok, I’m going to credit for the name.

3. Moving on to living well. Food subscription for the fridge. Wait..what? Imagine a website with weekly subscription to your favorite greens and other edibles. The company would just drop them off at your door. Sorry, I haven’t figured out yet a system for those impromptu dinner parties. Soon!

4. Gadget wise, I’ve always been a fool for all that in air screening and typing and Star Wars like conversations. Not far off!

5. Flying cars. The first hoverboard has been invented. Bad news is we’re going to have to take another drive’s test, but it will be worth it.

6. Voice control lights, TVs and elevators.

You are maybe thinking that many people are going to lose their jobs, but that is not entirely true. These are trends that are happening on a period of 50 years plus and as old jobs fade away new opportunities emerge and the most creative people say “Hey, everything has not been invented, let’s make something new!”. For example did you ¬†imagine 3 years ago that you could build your company’s marketing campaign in one smart phone application? No! And now jobs like Social Media specialists and Instagram gurus are the jobs of Generation Y, the 90s people. There are many examples like this, jobs that emerged from technology evolving. So rub your palms, good things are happening.

Have a great Sunday!



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