Another take on beauty



(up Vogue Italia October 2014)

The beauty rituals which everyone should find at least odd.

The feminist movement happening so intensely made me re-think the daily beauty routine every socially involved female has to put up with.

The nail situation is ridiculous. Where did all this let’s paint our finger and toe extremities start anyway? They’re pretty, but if you look at it this way..useless like a candy apple on a hard brick wall. No, wait! That’s contemporary art. The hair experience is taken to a whole other level. We grow ridiculous lengths of hair, dye it in every color possible, chop it in the most flattering way to compliment our faces. Our faces! Oh my. Some people I think they are already mummified by the Methoxydibenzoylmethane-like compounds found in those miracle bottles. The only miracle here is that your beautiful complexion doesn’t fall of. I’m even going to mention the painful process of hair removal, because the only place we want it thick and strong is just above the eye. The strong brow is another must-beauty of 2014. Thank you Cara, like I needed some more wishful thinking. Finding ourselves either in the middle of the daily dilemma straight or curly or if we should go sexy Black Orchid or sweet Chloe, the beauty merry-go-round of a woman is constantly being paid for and the ‘Disneyland’ish factory continues to make more and more stuff to serve our needs or make us want things we didn’t even know they existed pre-“10 things to add-on your shopping list for Christmas” lists.

This being said, we are slaves of our beauty routine and we used people with woman generally being flawless. One day I will make an experiment, an anti-product experiment, but until then BRB I’m late for my oxygen facial.

Stay pure,



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