(up British Vogue British Vogue by photographer Mark Mattock, edit by Carol Woolton, prop stylist Anna Rhodes)

Am I ready yet?

December should be all about celebration decorations and other props so here’s a wild card. Use it! I’m not implying you look like a Christmas tree for the next 3 weeks, but try something new, try an arm party, a neck party, why not a (y)ear round party!

Why are accessories so important? First of all because every look needs a focus point and a little bling can bring that spark to that #ootd. Second because they can take you out the anonymous fashion wannabe it girl and sky-rocket you to the moon and back. Yes, a good ring/necklace/bracelet can do that.

1. Gold and silver together on a color block look.
2. A good neck party with statement necklaces. Take care on how you use volumes though (the lengths of the necklaces).
3. Mix and match. Cheap and chic.
4. Try new things like that statement head-piece you had for a long time and you never had the courage to wear it.
5. Red! Red with silver, gold, diamonds, lace. Lanvin everywhere! Christmas spirit!
6. Brooches! I love to wear big brooches with chunky knits.

1. Matchy match your earrings to your necklace to your bracelet. Unless you’re having a diamond party, big no no.
2. Rainbow party on a rainbow outfit. Real life is not Vogue Japan editorial.
3. Ridiculous accessories like knitted kitten caps. Unless you’re 6, if you’re under 6 you can wear such things.
4. Beware of the monster of sport and TOO elegant. I have a mini heart attack every time I see someone in gym sneakers and long shimmery earrings. DIE trend!
5. Most important: stop buying things you know all your friends have. It is really boring, don’t be boring in December! Santa will be very mad.

I made this inspiration board and although I’m not insisting on the brands of the accessories, but the idea of them in your day-to-day outfits. For the curious ones click here for full details.

Have a magical day,



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