Christmas spirit in your home.

Christmas is my favorite holiday because it is so festive and rich. It has a certain playfulness, because if you are the diy type you can definitely get creative in December. Here are some tips to help you get the best holiday home:

1. New globes? Yes please! Try going to the local Christmas market in your town or hit the vintage ones opened always this time of year.

2. You can also slice oranges and lemons, let them dry and tie them on a string and use them as globes. You can also do that with candy, apple slices, pine cones, pearls, knitted things, little toys..

3. Make your own Christmas wrapping paper from old newspapers. Also for a super effect stick candy canes or little pine tree branches and get all Martha Stewart for your beloved ones.

4. Use popcorn on a string (with a long needle and white string) as tinsel! So american.

5. Cover your old chair with red and white blankets.

6. Take out of the attic the Christmas kitchen ware and enjoy a hot cocoa from that cute reindeer mug.

7. Try adding some Christmas special scented candles here and there. They definitely do the trick!

8. Cinnamon! Add cinnamon everywhere!

9. Bake! Bake! Bake! Instead of buying gingerbread, search for a good recipe and get crazy on the decor. Call up your friends and make the wildest cookie shapes.

10. Cut out snowflakes from a nice shiny or patterned paper and stick them to a white folded paper then write a message. Voila, you have a Christmas card.

11. Buy some mistletoe from the local market and make sure you hang it somewhere you can sit underneath it. Preferably for two.

12. Enjoy your fireplace with a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

13. Dress up your pets. You could get some nice pictures and a good laugh out of it.

14. Dress yourself festive. Take out the chunky knits and reindeer t-shirts and lounge in them.

15. Last and most important do whatever you want and enjoy your holidays!

Have a magical day,



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