Mary Katrantzou Spring 2015 – Backstage


(up Kary Katrantzou SS2015)


Playing with colors and textures.

I’ve talked about clothes, outfits, music, decorations, Christmas gear and I still have many things left out. To cover some of it, will start by giving you a memo One must look beautiful as %&#$ on NYE. The important question is not why, the critical answer lies just as you will scroll down into this post and take a dive into the beauty world. Make up and hair on NYE can either make or break your..evening. If you do it just right, you might be the talk of the town and get some good pictures out too.

The key to a good hair and make-up is repetition and getting to know textures and colors and how they work and complement your face. By doing various hair-dos and experimenting with the eye-liner you will get better at getting ready for important parties by yourself. You may also want to Google What is my face shape, How to contour my face shape, What colors and shades fit best *insert eye color* eyes. If you still can’t seem to get a hang of all those shades of blue, green and yellow of concealer and where to use them, you can always ask for professional help, but at least you’ll know what to ask for.

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tumblr_n5jafrEvTJ1qfldlxo1_400 tumblr_n5w60d81SD1qfldlxo1_1280 tumblr_n33x7yHI921r2p7yko1_1280 tumblr_n46v926mSh1qfldlxo1_500 tumblr_ngchgrfppc1rd9gkmo1_500 tumblr_ngdtjvdAxc1rd9gkmo1_500 tumblr_ngy4hiuFHq1rd9gkmo1_1280

Have a magical day,



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