Cara Delevingne by Alasdair McLellan for British Vogue January 2014_01

 (Cara Delevingne by Alasdair McLellan for British Vogue January 2014)

Saying hello to 2015 in the most curious and positive way. 

The 1st of January always gives me the chills because of the over flow of ideas and things one wants to do. The eagerness to get the resolution list done. Don’t expect to turn into a super human over night, it may be last night’s Dom speaking and the glitter in your eyes that makes things sparkle. Get a cup of black coffee and reconsider your 2015. Your year is going to be as great as you want it to be. Proportions guys! Proportions matter! You want to be smarter? You’ll read more and try to listen to great people more. You want to look good? You’ll eat healthier and do a little exercise every day. You want to be more efficient? You’ll manage your time like Beyonce (time management is the most important skill you can master in life). You want to put more ideas out there? You’ll ooze confidence and believe in your creative thinking. You will be better, you just have to want to be better than last year. This was my little pep talk for 2015 and I wish you a great year full of wisdom and beautiful moments to capture and share!

Have a magical year,



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