I’m a Chloé girl



I’m a Chloé girl. 

I always asked myself “If you were to wear one brand for the rest of your life and feel comfortable and you in it, what would it be?”. I  knew somehow that this brand would be my second skin, but after this pre fall campaign I know I’m a Chloé girl. Soft fabrics, neutral colors, some black here and there, fur, lace, wool, embroidery, patterns, silk. This brand has every romantic feeling synthesized and conveyed into these fabrics and cuts put together in such a beautiful harmonious way. Also, it has a sort of indie, bohemian vibe to it which I adore.







chloe_013_1366 chloe_014_1366 chloe_015_1366 chloe_018_1366 chloe_021_1366 chloe_022_1366 chloe_023_1366 chloe_024_1366 chloe_025_1366 chloe_026_1366



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