The 70s weave


(up The Row pre fall 2015)

A little lesson on trends. Especially hair.

To clear the trends mist I will start this by saying that once a trend sets in it becomes more or less global. Usually politics dictate the trends, fashion is just the one that is the most obvious to see where everything goes. I love this, I love observing international trends from economics and technology into fashion trends. Observe them in social behaviors and this article’s theme: hair trends. Because of the 70’s takeover, I shall present to you the must have weave in 2015. Or at least in the first chapter of this marvelous, promising year.

So, girls, dye your ombre/sombre/nombre/hombre, cut some bags, add some weaves and be ready to face life’s catwalk. The bob celebrity trend currently setting in (new year, new me bla bla) is really a turn off since I love long locks. Not long, long like Rapunzel, but let’s say that if you were naked, the hair would cover your nippies. Back to 70’s. The real trick to this hair trend is volume. Remember Fawcett? Farrah that is. Cher, Madonna, Lynda Carter, Stevie Nicks!? So volume shampoo, volume powder (if you click you’ll see a great product from Bumble and Bumble), a comb, some salt spray to make it stick, but still have an excellent movement and you’re set. For wavy hair either master the flat-iron or simply wrap your hair around your finger and keep it tight with some bobby pins after applying some salt spray. Here is some inspiration:

First-Look-Spring-Summer-2015-Hair-Trends-2 hair spring_summer_2015_hairstyle_trends_wavy_curly_hairstyles1 spring_summer_2015_wavy_hairstyles21


P.S.: some other 2015 hair trends are pleats, the wet hair is still on-going, feminine hair accessories, pleated and really graphic buns and really sleek straight pony-tails.

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