Why do we obsess over things?


Here I documented the stages of obsessing over objects. Photo via buro.

It all started when I found myself haunted by objects. Haunted by the need to have those items in my possession. One of the latest objects of desire was the new fall 2015 Gucci bag. The Dionysus, created by Alessandro Michele, is really a divine creature and it’s a definite stand out without screaming the old “I’m here, I’m here!”. I don’t know if it’s the monogrammed Gucci pattern, the colors, the red interior or the fact that it reaches out to such endangered insect species such as the bee, but this bag is everything.

So, I found myself pondering the fact that we indeed tend to obsess over things and I wanted to get a more insightful view about why this happens. Judging from a non-professional view, I read about psychology, about the present and the thing that shaped us and that’s so passé, the past.

A Huffington Post article said that “women are facing a daily visual battle unprecedented in history.” and it made me realize it is so and it very sad, because social media, besides being all fun and games makes us do the thing that no one should do: compare yourself. Who has the newest Iphone or the latest Michael Kors bag, we’ve all been there.

In a Fashion Telegraph article, fashion expert Caryn Franklin, pointed out a really healthy approach on personal style and it may help us on dwelling with our fashion obsessions. The method is to think of 3 things that best describe you and try live up to that style. So if you’re going for “serious, powerful and bold” don’t throw yourself around wearing pink Moschino mini-skirts or Charlotte Olympia handcuff clutches.

Here goes the narrowed down stages of obsessing tendencies over fashion:

1. Does it really fit me? The success of advertising consists in repetition and being everywhere, so is the item really your style or is it just intense marketing influencing your brain?

2. Do you really need it? This one is really tough since women never have enough clothes or accessories, but being disciplined and aware are two very important traits. I’d rather do something for the community than having that 5th black Chanel bag hanging in my closet.

3. Will I look at it the same after a year? Let’s face it, trends are so ugly they must change every 6 months, so before you binge shop for those must-haves think about how will you feel in the (near) future about your object of desire. Will it work in a year? Will it work in 6 months? Are you looking at a timeless piece or just a right-on-time one?

Maybe only Li Edelkoort knows where the world of fashion is heading, but if designers are quitting because of the fashion pressure, what are we supposed to do? Become conscious about the choices we make. Invest your time and money in something worth while, not just fashion flings.

See you on Instagram guys.


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