A black heart

Multiculturalism is the new black.

I’m going to start of by wishing you a happy new year! A 2016 full of fashion, glitz and glamour, rich with understatement, commitment and fulfillment.

The way to deal with the world today is not to ignore it, if you do you’ll just get hurt.

-Lady Violet, Downton Abbey

A quote from Downton Abbey is more than appropriate in this situation, considering the fact that the British are all about tradition and the world today is a changing world with the denial of the Crowley house. Gender differentiation, skin color, race, planet, these are not an accurate anymore. The real difference today is from what we like and dislike; from where we like to hang out, what we eat, what we like to study and what does our work look like. 2016 is about breaking the borders and considering this world as interconnected as it is. Check the pulse, look in your wardrobe and see what you are. Maybe you’re some Spanish chick living in a Brooklyn flat or the new Picasso living in New Zealand. Why does this matter? Because to see the real world you must see the real you.

P.S.: I listen to a lot of jazz, so I may be black at heart.

Happy New Year!


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