We need to talk


Something is happening. We need to talk.

There’s a breeze in the almost summer air, but the hustle won’t let us be completely free. I’m holding a gin cocktail assorted with some beautiful baby’s breath flowers and a peach,  starring at all the new comers and the people at the location. I realized this is the way we do it now-a-days. We show the need to talk, the need to connect more, as much as we do on Instagram and Facebook. As much as we Snapchat, as much as we like to.  Since when having to talk became a bad thing? Break the thoughts into words and then walk the talk. Call your peers, dress accordingly, put a smile on your face, start moving. Take pictures, lots. Do it on daylight, at brunch, at 3PM, late in the afternoon, at midnight, do it on Facebook Live or Periscope, but do it connected, share ideas, share your space with the rest and grow the network. I love having friends in Argentina or Canada and being able to share my personal endeavors with them, even if countless miles away. Intertwining reality with the virtual world is the key to success and to make ideas go round. Did I mention to take pictures?

This is the way we party now, by shaking syllables and stirring sentences, trying to get that perfect vibe between fun(ny) and social. Just like Moloko said, the time is now.

See you on Instagram and on location, of course.



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