Low-high maintenance


(Photo via Wanderlust Essentials. Suitcase by Hartmann)

I only have things that I really love and use very often. Said no one ever. 

Do binge shopping, travelling souvenirs, uninspired gifts or objects of emotion/affection, sound familiar? Congratulations, you’re a hoarder (I probably approached this subject once or thrice in the past). I’m not talking home ware, furniture or art, I’m talking the gazillion gift boxes that somehow stick to us, that old cute t-shirt or the I-bet-I’ll-wear-it-again-someday-dress we all know it’s-not-going-to-happen.

I got inspired from the french wardrobe philosophy  and really started curating the things I keep/want/buy. Not only clothes, but also beauty products and home decor. Think quality first, think timeless, think practicality. How much space would your physical life fit in? A suitcase? Two? A truck?

Be choosy. With your friends, food, things, time and money.

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